meet the daughter

Hi, I'm Sharleen.

And the first thing you need to know is that I’m a fifth-generation rancher's daughter.

I'm also a wife and proud mom of two small children.  I care about my family's health and I know you do to.  Nothing gives me more peace than knowing I am feeding my family something nourishing and then watching them enjoy it!

I'm fifth generation born and raised on Kaua'i and when you're from a small island, everybody knows you or your family.  Here, my family is known for their cattle, so often I'd get asked, "Where can I buy some steaks?" 

When I was about to have my first child, I became more and more curious about our food and where it came from.  I was particularly interested in our beef supply and would have long conversations with my dad about the changing cattle industry here in the islands.  It just never made sense to me that we ship out more than 90% of our beef cattle for feed-lotting, finish them on grain (when we have grass),  and then ship back the beef to our island markets.   Although about 40,000 head of cattle are born here every year, consumers may be shocked to learn, that only 10% are actually raised in Hawaii. 

Frustrated with the changing times, I decided to use the resources I was blessed with, to do my part, and continue my family's long tradition to make available fresh local beef.  Being the actual Rancher's Daughter, I know where the best beef is!  I know where and when the animal was born, how it was raised, harvested, processed, and distributed.  All our beef comes from my dad's ranch and is harvested and processed by us at our facility.  Andrade's Slaughterhouse is Kauai's oldest USDA inspected facility, so you can trust that your food is fully inspected for humane handling, and food safety.

Our PRIME 100% Grass-fed, Grass-finished, Dry-aged beef is second to none and only available at "Rancher's Daughter's Reserve."

Together with the help of my family, my father, and brother, in particular, bring generations of experience and expertise to the sustainable ranching industry that the people thrive on here on Kaua'i. 


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