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Minnie's Mercantile

Last week marked the opening of a year-long dream come true: to open a mercantile for the locals and visitors of Kaua’i - a place to stop and pick up their weekly beef orders, and more.  Since COVID hit, I had to rethink the operation of the business.  The weekly farmers’ market was shut down, and soon after, the Big Red Barn that I brought my fresh meats to was shut down as well. I then turned an old storage room into a meat pick-up area for customers to come to me directly. Although it worked extremely well and everyone loved it - it wasn’t convenient, nor was it sustainable. I quickly realized I needed another location where people could...

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8 Reasons why should you make Beef Bone Broth a part of your lifestyle (with recipe!)

So many amazing benefits of Beef Bone Broth.  It is not a fad.  It has been made for thousands of years not just for its taste, but also its healing properties.  My aunt told me a story about beef bone broth during the plantation days here on Kaua'i.  She told me that life was hard back then, families didn't have a lot.  She said, if one family in the camp got a beef femur bone they would boil it and make their soup.  Then after they were done, that family would pass it on to another family so they could do the same.  And so on and so on..  People throughout the camp would all take turns making their broth...

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